6 Quick Ways to Meditate Throughout the Day

6 Quick Ways to Meditate Throughout the Day

There’s definitely a lot of chatter about meditation and equal amounts about how lives are too busy, too packed and don’t allow for it. But the truth is, it’s actually easier to incorporate meditation into your day than you might have previously thought.

That’s because there are tons of ways to meditate and it doesn’t always involve being perched on a mountain top, sitting cross-legged and deep breathing while the sun rises. Meditation is about being present and you have the chance to do that throughout your day. And with all the benefits, it’s just silly not to try.

So gobble up your favorite CBD capsules or pour a cup of tea and get ready because in this article, we’ll clue you into the benefits of meditation and then tell you six quick ways to meditate throughout your day.

Benefits of Meditation

Before we let you know how, we thought it would be nice to tell you why.

The benefits of meditation are many. In fact, researchers have connected meditation and mindfulness practices to improvements in anxiety, depression and pain. They’ve found that, especially during times of crisis, meditation is a low-cost, beneficial way of giving you the support you need to face life.

The National Institute for Complementary and Integrative Health also reported several positive connections between meditation and easing of issues such as high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

So, with these benefits in mind, let’s explore how you can add meditation to your daily life!

6 Ways to Meditate Throughout Your Day

We all think we don’t have time to meditate, but that simply isn’t true. Remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality. Meditation is about taking a moment to be mindful and go inwards so that you can present your best self outwards. Here are six ways to meditate throughout your day.

  1. When You Wake Up: Often, we wake up groggy and tired. That’s just the way life is. It could be a busy schedule. It could be the stress of work that kept us up the night before. But when you wake up, you have a chance to start anew! When your eyes first open, take a moment to connect. It could be a simple mantra meditation or positive affirmation to begin your day, repeated 10 times. It could be popping out of bed to do a few mindful stretches. It could be as you brush your teeth in the morning and count the rotations on each tooth. It’s about taking a moment to connect.

Wake Up

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  1. At the Gym/While Exercising: If gym time or daily exercise is part of your routine, you’re set up for some amazing meditation time. A lot of exercise demands that we be especially mindful of our body and breathe From running on the treadmill to barbell squats, you really need to connect with yourself to achieve that distance or that lift. It is the perfect time to clear your mind, connect to your breath and focus on exactly what you have to do at that moment. It may not seem like meditation, but it honestly is! All too often our minds are racing, even when we’re at the gym. Give your brain a rest and really work your meditative practices to get better results, inside and out.
  1. In Transit: If you’re commuting to and from work by public transit, you probably find that you have a lot of free time on your hands. Some folks like to spend it reading or listening to podcasts. But another great way to use some of that time is to meditate. We recommend some noise-cancelling headphones and meditative music or guided meditation tracks. This will help shut out the bustle around you so you can take a moment to go inward. As little as 10 minutes doing this will probably leave you in a more relaxed, calmer state when you arrive at your destination. So, whether it’s to help calm anxiety before a busy day or release it after a long one, meditating while in transit is a winning idea all around.
  1. During Chores: Meditation involves being mindful and present. And a lot of the chores we do on a daily basis may seem mundane, but they’re actually a perfect opportunity to focus on the now. Think about something like washing dishes. Each stroke of a sponge can be focused on and counted. Don’t let your mind wander off into the world of work and family commitments or schedules. Think only about the plate in front of you. When vacuuming the rugs in the house or sweeping the floor, the same techniques can be practiced. Repetitive motions can be matched to breath and you can slow it all down and truly connect, even for just part of it.


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  1. At Mealtime: Busy people tend to race through their meals. We eat them as quickly as possible to get back to whatever-that-thing-was-that-we-were-doing. Slowing it down and practicing some mindful eating – that is, chewing slowly and really noticing the texture and flavor of the food – will go a long way towards helping you incorporate moments of mindfulness and meditation into your day. That’s in addition to what research says about this being good for reducing food intake and having positive health effects. You don’t have to do it for your entire meal. Start with the first three to five You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes for mental health and the enjoyment of your meal!
  1. Before You Go to Sleep: We all have a nighttime routine. Even if that’s flopping exhausted onto your unmade bed, reaching for a pillow and pulling the blankets over your head to hide from the busy day that was and the busy day that will come. However, building a quality routine can involve some meditation. Yes, brushing your teeth or remembering to take that supplement like your CBD oil is important. However, deep breathing while you lay your head down on the pillow will relax your body and prepare you for more restful sleep. There are also special guided meditations you can do that will help you drift off and achieve deeper sleep. Hey, it’s something you’re going to end up doing anyway, right? Why not make getting there part of your meditation practice.

Final Thoughts

Keep it simple and stress free. If you’re struggling or feeling anxious about incorporating meditation techniques and time into your day, you’re doing it wrong. Just look for those moments to slow it down, come into the present and connect with your breath. Whether it’s counting the floors as you go by them in the elevator or the number of drops of THC-free CBD oil that you drip into your evening tea, there are lots of simple and easy ways to mix a little meditation into your daily life.

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